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Her eyes grey as the sea were hard and fell...

...and yet tears were on her cheek.

13 May 1977
Wanna know more about KittenKatt? Here's what reviewers are saying:

god_of_biscuts was moved to state-
"katt digs the haiku
make with the five-seven-five
o.g. gangsta style"

thefeline says- "Delicate sensibilities and a wicked mind! Cowboys and Pirates apply here!"

"The most fragile person ever!"- raves dredd713

"...reminds me of lit ferris wheels, carnival music and the smell of hot caramel popcorn. And firepits, pine needles and buttery rum shots. And fresh grass, wide vistas, open car windows and country radio stations..."- declares moldavite_sofa


Reading now: Anything I can get my hands on, as I am terminally out of book
Watching now: RuPaul's Drag Race
Seen lately in theatres: I literally cannot recall. Someone please take me to the movies.
Coming Attractions: Star Wars 2015
In the DVD player now: Holiday Inn
Listening to now: the Rent soundtrack

Seth Edward Bailey


"But KittenKatt! Who created the extras that make your LJ so pretty?"

- The Notebook, Jurassic Park themes courtesy of crackified
- Candy Hearts theme courtesy of kittenkatt

Diesel Sweeties, me (that's totally my cat, yo)

One last thing re:icons... I still use some of the icons I swiped off of websites many moons ago before I knew what I was doing. Should you happen to see one of your icons on my pages uncredited, please let me know and I'd be happy to fix the error on my part immediately. I'm a pirate, but not *that* kind of pirate. If you're interested in bases that I created, please visit my icon journal, katticonic.
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